Who says your Engagement photos can’t have a little adventure?!

Nothing says adventure like road tripping to the mountains to a cute cozy cabin in the middle of nowhere! When Erika and Si reached out to me, right away I could tell they are a fun adventurous couple and that is right up alley! I was genuinely so excited to work with them and document their love story!

For their engagement photos I wanted to do something memorable, meaningful and a hell lot of fun! They had mentioned in their onboarding questionnaire that they loved going up to the family cabin and being outdoors so of course I had to throw out doing the photos up there since it was something that was present in their lives and something they truly cherish! They were so excited! So after 3 different scheduled dates, ( stupid weather ) we finally made it up to Idaho city and captured some magic in one of their favorite places and I am obsessed! These are just the sneak peaks but I am shook!

Check them out!!

Flo came to and she was such a ball of energy but posed when she needed to, What a rockstar!

If you are wanting to go on adventure for your next photo session or you have a place that means something special to you, I am your girl and would be over the moon to create those memories with you!! I am ready to go! How about you? (:

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  1. Janet Masters says:

    Great pictures

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