Best Locations For Summer Engagements in Boise

Hey, you lovebirds getting married or fellow photographers, this post is for you! Being a photographer is Idaho is such a gift because there is so much beauty here and so many wonderful places to shoot epic photos! My favorite time of year to shoot is summer! I am sure that is most peoples preference since its warm and everything is bloomed and green! So I wanted to go ahead and share my best locations for summer engagements here in Boise! I have some recommendations for outside of Boise but I will mention those at the end!

1.) Bogus Basin

I absolutely adore Bogus Basin! There are so many different spots where you can shoot all the way up the mountain! Endless amounts of trails, lookouts and jaw dropping scenery! During the summer there is also quite a bit of wildflowers that bloom! Up at Pioneer Lodge there is a ton!! Going up to Bogus in the evening is my favorite because there is this amazing lookout over the foothills and city and when the sunsets it is truly magical!

Best Locations For Summer Engagements In Boise

2.) Military Reserve

The Military Reserve shows off the foothills in Boise! There are numerous trails, a ton of wildflowers, trees and even a cute little bridge! This definitely one of my top go tos! The sun sets perfectly over the foothills and makes for some gorgeous photos!

Best Locations For Summer Engagements in Boise
Best Locations For Summer Engagements in Boise

3.)Spring Shores

Spring Shores is apart of Lucky Peak Reservoir! Who doesn’t love a good shoot by the lake am I right?! I love Spring Shores because the have a beach area down by the water and they have different trails that are filled with wildflowers and overlook the lake! BEAUTIFUL! There is also great areas to play in the water for some fun casual vibe type pictures!

Best Locations For Summer Engagements in Boise

That concludes my locations for summer engagements in Boise! lol There are so many great spots around town but these are definitely my favorite! A few other spots I love are, Swan Falls, Hyde Park and the Table Rock Trailhead!! I hope this post helps you and gives you some inspiration!

If you are curious about spots outside of Boise I recommend looking into, Bruneau Sand Dunes, Stanley Lake and McCall! I offer adventure packages for couples that include up to 3 hours of shooting, multiple outfits and epic views! For more info about these packages head to my contact page! Id’ LOVE to chat with you!


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